Friday, October 08, 2004

moving fun

we are finally moved in! well, almost finally...
just a garage sale tomorrow and all will be done.
have run into a few problems with the house but
nothing too major. we're very excited to be in
such a large place! 2 bedrooms, a detached 1-
car garage and a fenced in yard. huge front porch
too and it's on a nice, quiet, car-free road so we
will definitely utilize the porch! :)

micah is super-excited to be in a "new girl bed" even
though there's "no binky in the new house"! she
likes having her own space and we like having her
toys in there instead of all over the place! already,
she goes to her room on her own to play! what a
relief while trying to prepare dinner! :)

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