Sunday, October 24, 2004

poco a poco

We had Mommy & Me gymnastics yesterday. Micah loved it. As always.
There are always the parents who don't care what event we're on and let their kids go wherever they want, but when I was teaching this class, that used to annoy me to no end. And besides, I don't want to teach Micah that if she's whiny enough or uncooperative enough - I (and everyone else around us) will just let her do whatever she wants just so we don't have to listen to it.
Well, yesterday, there was a little boy (who often goes on the other events) on the trampoline and Micah had been DESPERATELY wanting to go on it. Mentioning it every 5 seconds. (There was a substitute teacher and she did not grab hold of the class as well as the usual teacher and the kids got bored at each station until I spoke up (all 3 times) asking if maybe it wasn't time to rotate...)
So, we're on beam, there's only 10 minutes left in class, and still no mention of trampoline. Now, Micah is refusing to do anything. Doesn't want to walk on the high beam nor the low beam, nor jump in the hoops nor do a roll, etc... All she wants is the trampoline - so, we sat down next to the beam and watched as child after child went on the trampoline until (FINALLY) the teacher allowed us to rotate there.
I'm proud of her because she waits her turn (though granted I have to entertain her or keep her busy while we wait), always shares (even if I'm the one encouraging her to do so...), always claps for her "friends", says "yeah" to so-and-so whenever they accomplish something and has never once gotten mad when someone jumps on her or knocks her down or lands on her. She actually always thinks that's just the FUNNIEST thing!!

Afterwards, we were in the grocery store and she wanted to share her stickers with a little boy and his baby sister who were in a shopping cart next to us. So, I tore two off and told her to go offer the stickers to them. She walked right up to them but didn't say anything, so I told their mom that she wanted to share her stickers with them. Mom was shocked. So was the girl at the check-out when Micah offered her a sticker... Welcome, Megan, to LI - not at all the most friendliest place to live.

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