Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Amazing, Fearless Baby Micah - Tickets are $20 - Please Reserve Your Seats In Advance

Crib. Bed. Crib. Bed. ... Which is it going to be?

Since Birth (almost) = Crib
Oct 1st - 16th = Bed
Oct 17th - Nov 1st = Crib
Now, Nov 2nd = Bed

Why all the changing things around you might ask?

Well, beginning Sunday when we tried to make her take a nap, Micah has begun climbing out of her crib. Now, my concern when we first put her back in a crib was just that. Except, I assumed if she figured out she could climb out, she would go over the side next to her bed and land on the matress.

But no. My daredevil of a baby (hmmm... now where could she possibly get that from??) climbs out of the side opposite the bed and lands on the floor with a CRASH and an OUT-CRY! So that, obviously, we go SPRINTING down the hall, SWING open her door and TA-DAH, there she is, no bumps or bruises standing there screaming while she waits for us.

This morning, it was 5:44am.

Aren't you jealous?

Oh, and PS -- Uncle Rob is coming to visit for Thanksgiving!! YEAH!! :)

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