Saturday, November 06, 2004

her own language

"I love you, Micah."
"i lub u, tew, mahmee."

"Okay, lay down and go night-night."
"cover me, mahmee. i want duckies bankin." (blanket)

"Micah, what do want to drink?"
"i wan sow milk, teese, mahmee."

"Micah, can you please hand me that?"
"okay, mahmee."
"Thank you."

"You want something to eat?"
"yes, teese, ray-rays." (raisins)
"Okay, here you go."
"dat's a little bit?"
"dat's not a big one, mahmee, dat's a little bit."

"All finished with your bath, Micah?"
"yeah, i wan my tah-dow." (towel)

"mahmee, i wanna watch cd."
"You want to watch a dvd?"
"yeah, a dbd."

And every single thing she says ends with okay Mommy or okay Maan or right Mommy or right Maan? And since lately she's been getting up out of bed at 5:30 in the morning and coming in to get us or at least screaming at us to come ("i wanna get up! hum (come) get me, mahmee-maan! (as though it's one word) hum get me!"). So, every night when she's goes to sleep we talk about it and she says, "mahmee-maan hummin. i no cryin, ceem (scream) an no yell." (okay, mommy?)

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