Sunday, November 28, 2004

home for the holidays

here we are in the good ole south! you forget just how friendly everyone is. man, do i hate long island!! it actually annoys milan that people are so nice. when we were in virginia last year, he was constantly complaining that everyone in my cousin's neighborhood kept waving at us! oh, the horror!! :)

personally, i guess because i was raised here while he was raised in queens, i love it. sales associates actually mean it when they tell you have a nice day and strangers start up conversations that aren't in the least bit angry!

micah was great on the trip down. she had a lot of fun on the two flights and only one 10 minute temper tantrum at bwi because she hadn't napped yet and she wanted to get out of the stroller. but it was short and she was exhausted.

just two more days and then we're off again! yeah, going back to work and school and the daily hub-bub!! can't wait!! *read can't we just stay one more week??!!*

micah just said good-bye to unca-dan, auntie-liz & wroxee and aunt ka-tee, ty-er and dog. she actually got used to roxy and somewhat enjoyed her! now, she's changing pooh bear's diaper because apparently he has stinky poopies but didn't tell her!! silly pooh! oh, and stinky isabel has them too...

grammy and grampy bought her a tent to sleep in and she just LOVES it. (photos to come) i guess that's it for now! hope everyone had a happy turkey day! :)

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