Monday, December 06, 2004

baby's first christmas

Yes, the *baby* is two and a half years old and yes, this is technically her *third* Christmas, but this is the first year she actually understands what's going on!! How fun!! Apparently, she wants *Santa Caus* to bring her toys, and Milan and I want toys, too.

Aunt Favorite jokingly asked for hair, and according to Micah, it should be one big blue hair!! :)

She's so excited about Santa! We were driving around Sunday night and she was freaking out over the lights and the santas and snowmen and, of course, the pooh's!! When we were in Target she kept poining out everything with Santa and when I opened the fridge this morning to get her some soy milk - she pointed at the Coke bottle - "Look Mommy!! It's Sannnta!!"


I never would have realized that Christmas as a parent will be even better than Christmas as a kid! :)

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