Friday, December 17, 2004

enter stage left, duckie the platypus

my sister gave my daughter a duckbilled platypus. i think it was just a non-holiday gift she presented when we visited in september of '03 and the whole family stayed on the beach in wilmington, so technically, micah's had it about a year.

it's large, though. micah's two and a half and when she puts it's head on her shoulder, his bottom comes all the way down to her knees. so, i'd never before given it to her. she's a huge fan of babies and has never really been interested in stuffed animals for more than a minute or two of play.

well, now we're back to having problems putting her to bed. i think it started because last weekend, we went out and when we got home the babysitter was describing what it was like to put micah down and she mentioned rubbing her back so now micah expects us to rub her back every night. now, i fully get that she's only going to be this age for a split second of my life and that sooner rather than later she'll want me to have as little part of her life as possible compared to know when so often, i'm her whole life. so, yes, i definitely enjoy things like rubbing her back.

BUT there's always that fear of creating a new routine in the back of my mind and i am NOT rubbing her back EVERY NIGHT. not gonna happen.

so, she's begging me to do everything under her sun, i tell her i'll rub her back for 2 minutes, rub it for 5 and then go to leave. "mommy, i wan somethin else..." ah, yes, the good 'ole vague - please don't leave me routine. (i'm half heartbroken, half annoyed out of my mind.) she only has 12 babies, a moose, 3 babies' blankets, 2 of her own blankets, 2 pillows and a partridge in a pear tree in there with her for cripes sake!! so, i look over and see platypus.

hooray!!! something new!! if nothing else, it will at least distract her long enough that i can get out the door!

"here micah, you want your duckbilled platypus?"


and since then she's called it, duckie the platypus. now yes, that's only 4 whole days now, but it's her new - won't separate from it - thing.

this whole post is related to the last post at this point - aren't you brimming over with excitement? --- boy was she upset when i wouldn't let her have it after she puked on it yesterday! but we took him home and threw him in the washer and he's good as new.

i guess i'm taking her to school now because she finished her breakfast a half hour ago and it hasn't come back up yet.

no warning signs...

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