Friday, December 17, 2004

mommy, i don't feel so good...

yesterday morning, just before we were walking out the door, micah says to me, "my belly hurts, mommy. i need to go see dockta neederah." surprised, she's remembers the last time she went to the dr. almost 2 months ago, i dismiss it. "okay, micah, ready to go to school?"
"yeah, i wanna go see miss robin."

and off to school we go.

get inside, i take off her coat. she's holding the platypus that she won't let go of. (that'll have to be a separate entry...) i'm putting things away while talking to her teacher when i hear a parent say, "uh-oh, did someone spit up?" (now these next 10 seconds feel like a full minute)

i look down - ever so tiny amount of spit-up on the floor - i look towards the nearest set of baby feet and follow up to the face - it's micah - at which time other parent says, "was it micah??" - i notice trace amount of spit up in the corner of her mouth.

squat down next to her, "you alright, baby?" - at which moment she calmly opens her mouth and a river of puke comes pouring out - it just kept coming and she's just standing there the whole time not moving, not crying, just totally calm with her mouth wide open.

realizing i've been puked on, i jump up and get paper towels to clean her and myself while one teacher moves the other kids over to breakfast so they don't touch or walk in anything and the other one is cleaning the floor.

"yeah," teacher cleaning the floor says, "they've all been going through this stomach virus."


"they all throw up and/or have diarrhea. it only lasts a day or two."

aarh! so frustrating. daycare - the illness breeder. although, i must say, i get sick more often than micah! at least her immune system rocks now!! haha!!

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