Wednesday, December 22, 2004

trimming the tree

i should start by mentioning that we bought our tree at home depot. it was great! they trim it for you and cut the bottom so it's nice and flat and eager to drink. then they wrap it in this plastic netting and throw it on your car. and it only cost us 25 bucks. (+ tip, of course)

what a deal!

we then had it up for 2 weeks before we actually got around to decorating it! but finally we did and we even bought these tiny little wooden ornaments (that remind milan and i both of what our parents had when we were kids) for micah to hang. (we also bought ornaments from ikea that turned out to be plastic, so she helped with those too.)

anyway, *warning - actual point of story coming right now so be prepared* there are now 8 silver balls and about 35 various wooden guys on the bottom three limbs of the tree. nearly all of the balls are on one side and about 20 of the wooden ones are on the same branch.

too cute!

she's also been doing that kid thing where you say to her, "now, micah, don't touch the tree. it's fragile." and so she just glides against it every single time she walks by with any number of body parts other than her hands...

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