Monday, January 24, 2005

blizzard '05

they're calling it blizzard '05 and making a really big deal out of it on the news, but we live in suburbia new york, so really, 24" is nothing. the roads were cleared within 24 hours and today, other than some schools being closed, everything is back to normal.

this weekend, micah began watching tv. as in actually watching and not jumping up every 10 seconds and asking for an "other cd" which in micah terms means a different dvd.

she is officially a couch potato.

hee -hee!! look at that baby gut!! :)

so, while micah was vegging and i was capturing it on digital "film" for all of you to bear witness, my knight in shining parka was freeing us from the hell that is cabin fever.

i wish this photo captured just how deep it was. he was out there for about 2 and 1/2 hours all together. he shoveled early which was smart b/c it was freezing up again by around 3:30pm.

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