Wednesday, January 05, 2005

cause and effect

being that she's now 2 and a half - micah does have some level of understanding of cause and effect. for example, she knows that if she goes potty, she gets a sticker and if she has soap on the bottom of her feet in the shower, she'll slip and most likely fall.

but, she just can't master the meaning behind the question "why?". whenever you ask her why - her response is "cuz right now...". every. time.

"i sorry, mommy." "why?" "cuz right now" *aargh* "what did you do that you're apologizing for?" "i sorry i yell an ceem (scream) at you , mommy. "

now, you would think that since she understands why she is sorry that she would understand the word "why"... this is very frustrating to me... although, i'm not really sure why...

"cuz right now..."

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