Wednesday, January 26, 2005

micah - you so funny

**disclaimer - all spelling errors are when micah is speaking and are intentional**


1. upon walking into her room at daycare to pick her up:

"hi, micah!!! :) :) :) :) :)"


*kneel down beside her and hug her* "hi, baby!! :) :) :) :)"

"uh" ... " i wanna see your booty, mommy."

"okay, it's right here..." *i pick her up by her ankles and toss her over my shoulder so she can see my booty and then flip her right back up again*

*showing me her hand; out flat, palm up* "i got you booty, mommy"

"you do?!?!"

*i pretend to eat it sound effects and all*

*very serious* "don't eat it, mommy, it goes right he-ur (here) on you bah-dee (body)." *points to her booty*


2. *we arrive home to find milan fixing dinner and take off hat, coat, etc...*

"mommy, i went pee-pees in miss robin potty (her teacher) so i get 2 dora cookies, right??!!" (if you don't already know - teddy grahams now makes a version in the shape of dora, boots, tico and swiper ("oh man") - huge hit and dairy free!)



"micah, i said, okay, you can have them."


"micah, you hurt mommy's feelings when you yelled at me. what should you say to mommy?"

"where you feelings, mommy?" *looks me up and down*

"inside me" *i put my hand on my chest*

"in dare?" *points to my belly*

"yes, they're in my heart. do you know where your heart is?"

"right he-ur?" and i'm sure you already know the punch line --- she points to her butt!!

(eventually she felt her heartbeat with her hand and listened to mine and then remembered about the 2 dora cookies.)

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