Thursday, January 13, 2005

my gifted car

yes, this is micah's blog but today i'm going to talk about me.

it's okay, she loves me, she'll forgive me.

my car, henry.

henry turns 11 this year. but, he is no ordinary 11-yr-old car. no, no, henry is gifted. so beyond his years is he; only 11 and yet as feisty and temperamental as a teenager. he's been hassling me since the first day i drove him 2 years ago. at that time, his starter was secretly broken but he masked it so well that everyone who witnessed a faulty start swore i just wasn't used to the clutch. i didn't mind being blamed. henry and i just haven't gotten into our groove yet, i would quip. then, a week later, the old vw jetta he was replacing was stolen. (that's another story) and i know now that it was henry's doing. jealous bastard.

after i fixed the starter, i noticed the doorlocks didn't always work properly. you see henry's nice enough that if you unlock the driver's door, all the other doors open too. but when that's the lock that's broken, it causes problems with all of the other doors as well. but no matter who i took henry in to see, they swore a little engine oil on the key would fix that problem right up. and it did. but only for a month or so at a time. the next thing to go was the battery. then, just the usual stuff, brakes and tune-ups, etc...

then, i was backed into. then, the window wouldn't roll back up. then, the steering column broke. then, i replaced all 4 tires. and now, the seatbelts in the front aren't taught anymore. they lay loosely over our chests.

and then, this week, the mother of all problems, the doorlock ,that according to the experts isn't actually broken, broke. (let me mention here that in 2 years, i've broken 5 keys in this lock because it's so hard to turn.) one of four things now happens when you try to unlock henry's driver's door:
1. the three other doors unlock but not the driver's door.
2. the three other doors unlock but when the key slides back into the upright position so that you can pull it out of the lock, they all re-lock.
3. nothing happens what-so-ever
4. your key breaks off in the lock.

so, you see, this is no ordinary car.

i can't even begin to tell you how much i'm enjoying this!

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