Tuesday, January 04, 2005

never say never, whatever you do...

remember that song from "an american tale"?

anyway, micah has learned always and never and being that she is a girl and thus has a *clear throat here* "flare" for the dramatic - she is now constantly using them.

"mommy, i always go to sleep, right?" she says to me when she climbs in my bed this morning.

"i never get to see baby boy, mommy. i wan him right now."

first thing in the morning not only before breakfast, but before she's even dressed: "can i have lick-a-ist (licorice)?" "no." *whine* "but mommy, i never gets to have lick-a-ist!"

"the friends (what she calls her classmates at daycare) always play nice, right mommy? just like gordon a thomas."(she chooses to use "a" pronounced "uh" instead of "to" at all times - go figure - one solitary spanish word has slipped into her speech.) this refers to thomas the tank engine - apparently in one episode gordon (a different part of the train and thomas' friend) was nice to thomas and it's her new basis for comparison.

"the friends never liss-en-in (listening) to miss robin today, mommy."

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