Thursday, January 27, 2005

pesky little milk allergy

we have blood test results!!!!

(drum roll please...)

micah's milk allergy has gone down from a 5 to a 2!! YEAH!!

what does this mean to you and i? not that much, technically, because even though she's less allergic, we're not changing her diet at all. BUT we are much more hopeful that she'll grow out of it by age 5!! (studies show that if a child doesn't grow out of the allergy by this age - most are stuck with it their entire lives.)

also, i'm not so concerned about the epi pen now.

ahh... relief... a whole big boulder of worry just fell right off my shoulders!! :)


"mommy, can i have soh (soy) milk peeze?"


"what's that, mommy?"


"can i have pee-sah?"

"no angel, you're allergic. it has cheese."

"oh... i no have cheeze, mommy, car-car (her friend carter) have cheeze. okay, mommy?"

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