Friday, January 21, 2005

time to go home

each evening, micah and her friend, sarah, refuse to part. it's a little annoying but her mommy and i joke about it and let them think they're still playing while we creatively find ways to get on coats and hats and make our way into our respective cars.

snapped this with my phone. in case you're wondering, the red on micah's nose is marker and the red on her cheeks is what happens everytime she even thinks of going outdoors in weather 45 degrees or below. i mean, after all, what other child is allergic to baby soap and has to use cetaphil?

i always slather her cheeks, nose, lips and chin in aquaphor (the vaseline of the gods) and it definitely helps. (i've also always used it on her little booty to prevent pesky diaper rash.)

oooh... bad, bad little tangent.

anyway, i was speaking with this other little girl's mommy last night when we both mentioned how when the guys pick up; the girls don't behave this way. hmmm... are we being taken advantage of here by these little 2 and a half year olds?

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