Thursday, February 17, 2005

but mommy

"okay, time for bed."
"but mommy, i don wanna go nite - nite."
"i know, angel. but it's time for bed, now."
"but mommy, two more minutes, okay."
"you already had lots of 2 minutes. c'mon, time for bed."
"but mommy, i need medicine, mommy, my forehead is sick."
"you're fine, micah, you don't need medicine."
"but mommy, yes, i do. my forehead is sick and last time dr. nee-er-er (neiderer) say i need medicine."
"time for bed, micah."
"but mommy, i need little bit water, mommy, my tummy sick."
"you already had some milk."
"but mommy, my tummy sick. i need little bit water."
*gives her water*
"okay, let's go to bed."
"but mommy, i need to put the cup in the sink."

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