Monday, February 14, 2005

"how i could just kill a man"

about a month ago, micah jumped on me while i was laying on the couch and said, "mommy! mommy! the monster's gettin' us!!" so, we played that game for awhile until she said, "the man's gettin us"! um... back up... excuse me, a "man" - no. that's way to "real" for me to handle as a joke. then she said, "we have to kill him, mommy." "who?" "the man, mommy." my jaw drops, i stare dumbfounded... "sarah and me always kill the man, mommy." (insert conversation with toddler about not ever killing anything and not joking about a man getting you - monsters, sure, but not men.)

the next day, i brought it up to her teacher who swore up and down that she'd never heard micah nor the other kids saying anything like this.

fast forward to this past weekend. the three of us are walking through the parking lot toward trader joe's and milan's holding micah. she says, "i kill you in you face, mahn." and makes a motion with her hand toward his face that milan described as a stabbing motion. (i didn't see it.)

so, of course this morning, between tears, i relay this to her teacher and how i've brought this up before and blah, blah, blah... i still felt brushed off. so, i went to speak to the director.

i barely get the first sentence out, when she says - "you mean kill the man, right?" why yes puzzle solver extraordinaire - that's exactly what she said!!!

turns out, the director walked in on the class while the teachers were playing the radio (which is forbidden b/c of foul language, etc... they can only play pre-approved kiddie cd's and tapes). and on the radio was the song "how i could just kill a man" by rage against the machine. (the title is a link where you can play a clip of the song) it has a good beat and she said the little kiddies were dancing to it. (the director changed the station and gave a lecture (#759 probably) about that's why we don't play the radio here at daycare.)

here's the chorus:

Here is something you can't understand
How I could just kill a man
Here is something you can't understand
How I could just kill a man

oh thank goodness there is not some bully 2-yr-old threatening to stab my daughter to death at school!! :) and ps - what's next for crying out loud - "killing in the name"?!!?

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