Sunday, February 20, 2005

hula skirt

at target last night, i let micah run around rather than sitting in the cart. i ignorantly though i could be that patient. it lasted about 20 minutes. i'm proud of that number!

anyway, while in the toddler girls' clothes section she found this little hula skirt cover-up. it's kind of like the one in the picture (the title is a link to the picture) but there's no suit, just the skirt, and she chose a turquoise one. and it only cost 5 buck-a-roos. of course i said yes.

she put it on as soon as we got home and stayed in it until i made her take it off to go to bed. hold on, let me take a crappy camera phone picture of this...

okay, i'm back. i let her jump on my bed to get her to stay in one place so i could take the picture.

so a second ago, she was walking around putting in on the hanger and taking it back off, singing ba-di-ba-di-ba-dah, skirt, skirt, ba-di-da.

and now we've added the princess shoes to the ensemble. damn she's cute.

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