Thursday, February 24, 2005

i remember the day

i've been nostalgic this past week for some reason and have been remembering micah's babyhood. i have to say, as difficult as being alone is, we had so much fun together. i think we're closer because i'm a single parent.

so - here's looking back -

she always slept. right after birth - she'd sleep for 6 hours at a time. i'm not exaggerating. the nurses in the hospital used to try to force me to wake her to eat.

she was a huge baby - 9lbs - and could eat a lot at a time. i think this is why she slept so well.

the child never cried. i mean never. she was the happiest baby i've ever seen. (she still is.) but, put a plate of food in front of mommy and she howled. i'd not only have to hold and rock her, but stand while doing so. damn. no wonder i lost the weight so quickly...

she used to love when i would stand her on my lap, hold her hips and shake them side to side singing, "do the baby boogie - and shake that baby bootie" - it would crack her up!

she loved faces. i could entertain her (and myself) for hours just putting my face in hers.

she hated kisses for the first few days (they're probably scratchy to that baby skin) but after i berated her with them 24 hours a day - she couldn't get enough of them. she still loves to squish her little cheeks against my face.

she always talked. always. she would make speaking noises while feeding, while playing, in the car, you name it.

her milk allergy was so severe that they had her on neutramigen. in case you're not familiar with it, it's synthetic and smells like ass! (and costs twice as much.) anyway, it also goes through baby's system fast and easily so every time she pooped, it looked and smelled like watery diarrhea and her clothes had to be changed. yup, that's right, she'd go through 4, maybe 5 outfits every day!

because the neutramigen smelled so bad, i gave it to her cold. and as i said earlier, she was a good eater. at 7 weeks old, when we started daycare, she would eat a cold 8-9 oz bottle every 5 hours! so easy!

it's funny how things change. now, she's not as good a sleeper and she talks even more - i didn't think it was possible! she stills loves doing the baby boogie - although she does it on her own now. and she's growing out of this horrible milk allergy.

i'll bring a few fave baby photos to post tomorrow.

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