Sunday, February 20, 2005

la la-la la

micah sings constantly, all day long and even sings herself to sleep. her favorite song right now is "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer". she knows the entire song. that's a long song for a 2 and 1/2 year old. we hear this song like 50-60 times a day. she also loves mary had a little lamb.

when she's not singing an actual song, she sometimes sings along to what we're doing. "mommy's cuttin the da mango, da mango. i's gonna eat the mango. mommy's cuttin it fo me..." etc... she also sings along with any music/singing she overhears. it could be on the radio, tv, a commercial... she even sings along when milan plays his guitar.

the strangest part of all this is that she's actually pretty damn good. she keeps to the tune, she raises and lowers her voice accordingly and she has (what seems like) a sense of pitch and tone. it's really strange.

i've been trying to post a short video i took of her singing rudolph, but i suck and can't figure out how. one person taught me how if i had a mac, but i don't. nope. i'm just sittin here on a dell pc. i actually hate macs. one ate my year-end report freshman year at UNC-W. funny, i can't even remember what class it was... i just remember that it was 8 pages and i had to start from SCRATCH. i hate macs.

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