Friday, February 25, 2005

listening too well

i have a bad back (i was gymnastics my entire childhood and now i'm paying the price.) and micah never holds on when i'm carrying her so i often say to her (too often - i'm only 26 dammit), "i have to put you down, now, my back hurts." or "i can't carry you right now, micah, my back hurts."

so, she's begun to use the same excuse.

"micah, can you please help mommy put your toys away?"

"i can't, mommy, my back's hurtin"

sometimes she'll take it a bit further.

"micah, please put your cup and bowl in the sink."

"i can't, mommy, my legs is broken."

she's also picked up on "in a minute" and when i ask her to do something, she'll say, "in a minute, mommy." or "okay, i will do it. in two (shows me two fingers) minutes. okay, mommy?"

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