Friday, February 18, 2005

mommy, please report to the principal's office

all week i've been getting notes home from micah's teachers regarding her "poor listening skills" and that she's being "rough" with her friends.

notes home already?!! she's only 2-years-old! i feel like i've done something wrong! i feel like i'm the one being reprimanded.

here's an example of the notes:

"today, micah had trouble listening to her teachers."

translation - hello, terrrible mother, your daughter doesn't listen to a thing we say. you probably spoil her at home and let her do whatever she wants. you terrible mother.


"she ran away from her teachers and class on the playground."

translation - none of the other kids seem to have a problem, so why can't your kid listen and follow the rules? you terrible mother.


"do you have any suggestions that we could do to help her behavior improve?"

translation - look, you terrible mother, you need to come in for a conference so we can tell you what a terrible job you're doing. we'll give you some parenting tips that your dumb ass should have known by now.

** disclaimer --- those translations are jokes. jokes. the kind you laugh at and don't take seriously.

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