Friday, February 25, 2005


for the last 3 nights in a row, micah's been waking up at odd hours. the first night, she freaked out and demanded milk in a sippy cup. milan argued with her about it and the two of them were yelling. it wasn't good. he finally caved on the milk and she was out in a matter of seconds. two nights ago, she freaked out, milan went in, and she yelled about her red slippers and her shoes. he said uh-huh and covered her with a blanket. by the time he walked out of her room, she was asleep. last night she came in my room and was crying for me to help her climb into our bed. i have no idea what time it was, but i was so asleep that i remember conciously saying to myself, must open at least one eye ... then at 3:17am, after being smacked in the head by a flailing baby body part for the hundreth time, i took her back to bed. she didn't even complain.

what's going on with her? i think it may be nightmares... anyone have experience with this?

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