Thursday, February 10, 2005

we're havin a party!

okay, so really we're just hangin out at a friend's house tomorrow night for dinner. but i totally tried to use it as an excuse last night when i was picking micah up from school. we're going to her best friend, carter's house. (i will post of picture of him from home because he is the cutest and he and micah look like twins.)

*** ooh - i found a photo - he's even cuter now b/c he got a hair cut ***

*** mmm... yummy elastic bands... ***

so, i'm trying to get her coat on (i have her on my lap and i've crossed one of my legs over hers so that her legs are sandwiched and she can't escape - which, for some reason, she hates) and i say to her, "hey, micah, you wanna to go to carter's house tomorrow?"

micah: "car-car havin a party?"

me: "yeah." (read "sure kid - whatever - as long as you put this damn coat on")

and carter's mommy (who's next to us wrestling his coat on him) says "yeah, and we'll have pizza!"

carter: "peet-za?? YEAH!!"

micah: "i have peet-za, mommy?"

me: "no, angel, it has cheese."

micah: "oh, i no have cheese, right mommy, car-car have cheese."

carter's mommy: "oh, micah, i forgot!" (sad face)

micah: "dat's okay - i just have crackers at da party."

it totally worked, by the way. i even got the hat on her! and then carter ran away down the hall, but that's another story.

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