Wednesday, March 02, 2005

band aid

for weeks, micah has been calling me to the tv everytime she sees a bambi commercial. it started with "look, mommy! rudolph!!! i wan rudolph! can i peas have rudolph, mommy? can i buy it at da store??!! *singing* rudolph the red nosed reindeer..." and i say to her that it's not rudolph but bambi. she caught on eventually and recently when she sees the commercial she calls, "band-aye, mommy, band-aye!!" which sounds like band-aid and i come running expecting bleeding boo-boos.

well, it was (finally) released yesterday. and since it coincided with the release of the mars volta cd, i was conveniently at circuit city. best buy and circuit city always put the new releases on sale their first week. each of these were $5 off so i thought what the hell.

the monster that has been my child lately, has actually been incredibly good these past couple of days - even at school. so, i suggested we watch it last night. (she isn't allowed tv during the school week - so what a treat!! -- and i was able to make dinner without screaming at anyone!!)

she loved it. she didn't understand the part where bambi's mother dies, because they don't actually show it but during the big fire scene she was scared. she jumped into my lap yelling, "band-aid! band-aid! help him mommy!" and for a minute there i thought she was crying, but i explained how his daddy was saving him and don't worry, he'll be okay. this is one *g* movie that should definitely be monitored by an adult.

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