Tuesday, March 22, 2005

brat attack

micah has been giving us a hard time for the past few nights at bedtime. (and it doesn't help that she REFUSES to nap on weekends and thus usually crashes around 4pm, pushing back her bed time.) so, it was no surprise that she was a crank monster last night. to add insult to injury, milan had a roaring headache so the "patient parent" was not so patient last night.

the result?

internet, you would be so proud of me. i never yelled. not once. i did the "stern" voice a few times where you lower you voice and speak clearly but i never raised it. thumbs up for me!

it wasn't easy, let me tell you. she whined to no end, yelled, screamed, demanded to be picked up only to hit and kick us. so, what did i do? well, i'll tell you. i put her in her room. not in a time out, per se, but i just told her that since she couldn't be nice to milan and i she needed to spend some time playing alone and that i'd be back to get her once she calmed down and stopped crying. and then, internet, i shut.the.door.

i lasted just less than 5 minutes before i sent milan to get her. in the meantime, we were actually able to speak to each other and finish making dinner. at one point, milan said to me, "it's so quiet..." and we laughed and laughed even though there was a screaming two-yr-old in the background. (that door must be well insulated.) anyway, she screamed at milan, "NO!! I!WANT!MOMMY!" and SLAMMED the door in his face. so, i went in.

she was doing that thing when they get themselves so worked up that it's crying, hiccupping and screaming all in one and she was a sweaty, teary mess on the floor. i thought she was going to puke she was crying so hard and she couldn't breathe.

so, i picked her up and comforted her and she was hiccupping, "you yell at me, mommy. you hurt my feelins." (in my head in a whiny voice: "did NOT!!") i just told her to relax and she could speak to me when she was breathing better. i asked her to take a few deep breaths and tried to make my examples silly, but she wasn't having it. "you (breath) yell (breath) at (breath) ME!" WAAH!!!

it finally ended and she went to bed, but man was i exhausted this morning!!

*** i really didn't yell at her!! but who wants to go through a "yes you did" "no i didn't" argument with a 2-yr-old?? she'd totally win!***

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