Thursday, March 10, 2005


lately, when i'm dressing micah she wants to pick out her own clothes. sometimes i can persuade her into the cute outfits, sometimes not. but the socks must always be her call.

so, this morning, after giving milan a hard time about which socks she wanted to wear she told me she didn't like the ones she had on and wanted to change them. i said, fine, go get new ones. when she came back with the new socks, she sat on my bed and we had the following exchange:

"mahn (milan) a dick, mommy."

"excuse me?"

"mahn a dick cuz he put all da socks in da drawer."

"well, honey, that's where they belong."

"oh." (quizzical look on her face) "but he still a dick, right mommy?"


is it wrong to have agreed with her instead of correcting her?

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