Monday, March 14, 2005

classical conditioning won't work on me

how many times have those parenting books tried to tell me? consistency, consistency, consistency! they say it's the ultimate parenting tool. i know. i've seen it work. i've seen the lack of it backfire in my face... and yet...

this morning, i felt like getting "dressed" for work and looking, smelling and FEELING like an actual human being. so, i succumbed to the cranky two year old's pleas through those full, sweetheart lips and those plump, edible cheeks and i put on a dora dvd.

i don't allow tv during on school days - so what a treat for her!

i'm totally going to pay for this.

for weeks. weeks and weeks.

she's going to be all, *whiny voice* "but mahm-my, lass time..."

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