Wednesday, March 23, 2005

grand theft bunny

saturday night we went to the "nice" mall about a half an hour away. it's huge! newly re-done, great stores that you didn't think you could find outside of the city, blah, blah, blah.

so, i have a gift certificate to kb toys and there's one in that mall. we went in looking for a tunnel for micah because she's been begging for one, but this store was ghet-to!! the shelves were empty and the store is tiny - only three aisles, each about 10 ft. long.

micah chose a plush elmo and a "princess dress". (blech... where did she get this girly shit?? oh, yeah, daycare... blech.) so, we're waiting in line and there's this mother who's dressed like a 16 yr. old and also has a 16 yr. old and a 4 yr. old who's in a stroller. the 4 yr. old is the biggest brat i've ever seen. she's freaking out about her mom buying her the dolly.

in front of these people is a woman with her son and the woman is arguing with the cashier over 10 cents. you got it, 10 cents, a dime. apparently, the screaming brat isn't annoying her because she argued for about 15 minutes - the cashier even called over the manager. ridiculous. so, milan takes the stroller (with micah in it) to the front of the store to wait because she's getting reckless and he's annoyed.

i finally get out of there. so, we're walking down the mall and get to haagen daas and milan wants a bailey's shake. i'm ordering when he says, "uh-oh, look what she did..."

she had taken the bunny. the "easter bunny" she called it.

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