Thursday, March 17, 2005

oh, she's NOT suppossed to say those things... okay, one of these days i SWEAR i'll make that clear to her

two nights ago, micah was playing on the refrigerator with her "letters" when she blurted out "suckin bish". i was by the stove preparing dinner and milan was talking to me from the doorway. we immediately turned to each other with those, "no... she couldn't have just said what we think she said..." incredulous expressions.

me: "what, micah?"
her: "suckin' bish" *grinning*
me: "what?" because, come on, this is HYSTERICAL!!
her: "suckin' bish, suckin' bish, suckin' bish" *in a sing-songy voice*
milan: "micah, we don't say things like that. those words aren't nice."
me: "what hrmph did you hrmph say, micah?"
her: "suckin' bish, mommy. suckin' bish."

by the way, she's saying *fucking bitch* in case anyone didn't get it. and i did, eventually, team up with milan on the discipline thing. this kid's in daycare, after all, she can't go teaching all the other kids bad words even though this one brat, er, young man, calls her stupid, fathead and cornhead all the time.

when i went to daycare and told the teacher in front of micah, that if she uses inappropriate words at school i am to be called and i will come get her and take her home, i made sure to spell each of the offending words. um... except when i added that "my language is so bad. i have to watch myself. i also tend to say motherfucker when i screw something up." without spelling out motherfucker. ahem... yeah, i'll be going now...

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