Monday, March 14, 2005

venus and mars, alright

micah's friend carter came over on saturday while his parents went to a wedding. i love the way they play together. i have NEVER, in the 2 and a half years they've played together, seen them fight. at least until saturday.

he came over around 6pm and they played well before and during dinner but after dinner, as nightime got closer, they just bickered and bickered. they kept tattling on each other. my opinion with tattling is that i don't want to get involved unless absolutely neccesary. i'm not going to discipline one child just because the other tattled.

i think it annoyed them that i wouldn't take sides, but the conversations that insued between them were HYSTERICAL!

at one point, micah knocked over all the toys carter was playing with, so he hit her. (who could blame him?) so, micah came running with the fake tears looking for sympathy. i told her, "oh, he yeah? do you need me to kiss your boo-boo?"

unsatasified, she started at him in a stern voice, "you have to say me sorry, car-car! we don't hit!" so, carter comes running over to me (i'm sitting about 6 feet away by the way) with eyebrows furrowed, "she messed up my toys!" to which i said, "oh, yeah, that must have really angered you... maybe you guys should apologize to each other."

so micah says, "i sorry i messed up you toys, car-car." and he says, "that's okay." and she's just standing there waiting and finally says, "now you say me sorry, car-car." he just sat there eyebrows furrowed. she said it over and over again louder and louder...

until finally, after she had shut her trap because she gave up, he says, "i sorry i hit you, micah. you wanna play dis wif me?"

SO CUTE! just like a woman to nag and nag and just like a man to wait to say or do something until it can be considered his idea!! hee - hee.

** photos to come - i used regular film!! (gasp!!)**

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