Monday, April 25, 2005

flip flops

There are only 2 other little girls in Micah's class, one of whom is VERY girly and has forced "princess" things and girly shoes onto our household. (Not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just not "me" but hey, if it's "micah" then that's okay by me.)

This little girl comes in every week with a new pair of sandles, most of them with heels. Yes, she's 3 years old wearing heels. Welcome, little girl, to a lifetime of back pain and poor arches. Anyway, the newest thing is flip-flops. So far, she's worn 3 different pairs to school, one of which is a size 1 and barely stays on her foot. But I digress. The rule at school is that you have to wear closed-toe shoes for safety reasons but the teachers allow her to wear these because this particular little girl is very cooperative and when asked to change into socks and sneakers to go outside she NEVER argues.

Well, last week girl #2 also came in with flip flops so now, how can I say no to Micah? So, I treated her to Nemo flip flops. And they even fit by the way - hello Payless!!

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