Thursday, April 07, 2005

licorice container

this is the licorice we get from trader joe's. milan and i love this stuff and eventually micah asked for a piece avidly enough for me to give her one and she loves it! yes, black licorice! you can sort of see a whole piece, it consists of 2 slivers of fruit-flavored licorice, 2 of black licorice and a white sliver that tastes like nothing ... well, slightly tastes like sugar.

i take a piece and cut them in quarters and then these are the pieces she gets when she goes potty. she gets 1 piece for pee-pees and 2 pieces for poopies. and her diaper has to be dry for her to get a piece and pee-pee actually has to come out... this sounds so mean but it works so well! if i don't restrict it like this she pees in her diaper, sits on the potty and then demands a reward. i have to be very specific with my requests with this child.

sometimes, she'll try to convince me that a wet diaper is dry but i can't be fooled, internet! i don't fall for that crap! and other times, i'll hear her calling out from the bathroom, "c'mon pee-pees, come out my giney!!" sometimes it's sing-songy and other times she means business, "pee-pees! come outta my giney right now! i wan lick-o-liss!!"

and another new thing from micah is that she'll say i love you to us without prompts. just out of the blue. "maan?" "yes, micah?" "i lub u, maan." "mmm... i love you, too, micah."

he's sick right now and when she goes to kiss him, she says, "i hafta kiss you cheek, maan, cuz you sick. i no kiss you mouth." then she'll say, "i can kiss you mouth, right mommy?" like it's the best thing ever!!

damn these "kids". sniff sniff.

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