Tuesday, April 05, 2005

mama pride

at gymnastics on saturday, micah was jumping on the trampoline. the teacher told her she got 3 turns to do "jump, jump, sit". micah does it once. everyone applauds. she starts jumping again and then holds up 2 fingers, "2 more, mommy." she does her second one. everyone applauds. she holds up 1 finger, "last one, mommy, no more." and she's officially smarter than me now because i can't count backwards to save my life.

potty training update:

i've tried it ALL when it comes to potty training but just haven't been able to find something that interests micah. last week, I took her favorite treat, licorice pieces from trader joe's (i'll take a photo this weekend) and cut them in quarters. now, every time she is DRY and goes pee-pee or poopies in the potty, she gets a licorice. (in other words, if her diaper's wet or nothing comes out, she doesn't get a licorice.)

it's been working really well and yesterday, micah was dry ALL DAY!! even when she woke up from her nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, micah!!! :) :)

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