Sunday, May 29, 2005

a fun-filled day

yesterday, we decided to take micah to holtsville park because just like today it is beautiful outside! holtsville park has a nature walk, a playground, barbeque pits and a petting zoo. micah had a wonderful time.

we left for the park around 2pm and micah had not taken a nap. she often misses naps on weekends because she just flat out refuses to sleep. and, like yesterday, by 6 pm she's become a monster!

we left the park around 5:30 pm. in the car, i was feeling crazy and started snapping photos. this was my 3rd or 4th attempt at the ever-so-exciting-side-view-mirror shot and micah had just about had it with me. screaming, "no, mommy. don take a picture to me!!"

so she did what any rational 3-year-old would do and threw a fit in her car seat.

the fit lasted less than 30 seconds. the moment she had stopped freaking out, i turned around. and what did i see??

damn. forget pregnancy hormones. the rath of the 3-yr-old's mood swings is really something to fear!

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