Saturday, June 18, 2005

daddy dilemma

the fact that micah doesn't have a daddy but does have milan is always a bit confusing. especially, i think for everyone else. they feel like they have to walk on eggshells around the daddy issue. in fact, at the latest parent rep meeting at micah's school, one mother, (i think forgetting that i am, in fact, single) said how awkward she felt when her daughter asked about one of her friend's fathers because they never see him. the friend's parents are divorced. so did the mother simply tell the child that her friends parents don't live together but that the child sees her father all the time. he just doesn't come to the daycare? no, she said something like, well, he works a lot. and then is telling all of us at this meeting how she didn't know WHAT to say.

so, i said how it's no secret that micah doesn't have a daddy. we tell micah, we tell her friends, we tell whoever asks. it's not a taboo subject. it is what it is. it's our life and it's nothing to be ashamed of. in fact, when one of micah's friends sees milan and says, micah, micah, your daddy's here, micah tells them that that's not her daddy, it's her milan. she's very proud of the fact that she has a milan.

well, at school they made father's day gifts and just like last year, they made a gift for milan as well. micah couldn't wait until tomorrow to open the gift, so milan agreed to open it this morning. she's showing it to him, saying "that's me and you, mahn. that's my daddy." and pointing to the card saying, "see, i write daddy here and here and there." so i said, micah, milan's not your daddy, he's your milan. right?

and she said, "but mommy, he's apost (supposed) to be my daddy!"

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