Friday, June 03, 2005


milan was sick for about a month and now i've apparantly gotten some of what he had. i took off work on wednesday and then was feeling guilty about it around 12:30 because really i didn't feel THAT bad... or at least not until i stood up, got dizzy, fell down and threw up.

milan is really great when i'm sick, i must say. there's not much that's expected of me. he's fairly sympathetic too, which is something i'm not good at myself.

anyway, about a week ago, we took the gate thing-a-ma-giggy off of micah's bed because she kept kicking it and kicking it and then knocked it over. i'm not sure how it didn't break. so, since she was suppossed to be sleeping we just took it off her bed instead of fixing it. she doesn't need it anyway. we only had it on one side of the bed.

well, last night, she decided to stick it to me and she fell out of bed. i was laying on the couch (milan was at practice) when i heard BANG! THUMP. (pause) (pause) WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!
of course, i was already tearing through the house by the time she starting crying. the bang was her head hitting the nightstand and the thump was her crumpled body hitting the floor.

suffice it to say, we put the damn bedrail back on.

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