Tuesday, July 12, 2005

ice is back with a brand new edition

we were on vacation in nc for 10 days - woo hoo!! of course 2 of those we spent driving! yes, driving. we drove 675.53 miles with a 3 year old. fun times, people, fun times.

anyway, my purpose of posting today is this: micah told me she doesn't love me. i knew it would happen one day, the "i hate you!" and slamming of the door, but my god, she's only 3!!

actually, as i was saying goodnight for the 538 millionth time over the course of 2 freakin hours! - she said, "i don lub you, mommy." "okay, baby, i love you." "i juss lub you a liddle bit, mommy." "okay." "mommy?" "yes?" "i lub you a lot, mommy."

it still counts!

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