Tuesday, January 03, 2006


some of my current favorites:

1. uppies or kip (instead of pick) me up
2. may could i have... (she always says the 2 together)
3. she says "ack-chewy" (actually) as in "ack-chewy, mommy, i wan milk, not water."
4. her obsessions with monsters, bad guys and spiderman
"mommy, you a bad guy for sayin' i go nite-nite. the monsters are goin' get you and spiderman is not savin' you. i tell him don't save you this time."
5. our ritual with books is for me to read it to her and then she likes to read it to me. each page she reads begins "lass (last) time..." (i'm waiting for her to add "at band camp")
6. she also remembers everything and refers to "lass time" if talking about yesterday or when we let her get away with something one time over 3 months ago!!
7. she gets really annoyed by "idgies" - wedgies - it's hysterical! "i have a idgy - MOMMY!! - i have a IDGY!!"

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