Friday, January 27, 2006

moving on part 2

The other big event that spurred my abrupt pulling of Micah from the class was a situation with the assistant teacher, Miss D. Before this incident, I actually liked Miss D. She's more strict with the kids in that she actually disciplines. Which is a good thing. Come on, fourteen 3-year-olds in one room, you need some discipline.

So, Milan and I are riding together to pick up Micah from school. She's in the back seat on the way home and we've been having major problems for about 3 weeks now so on a daily basis I have been asking her about her day.

me: did you have fun today?
micah: yes
me: what did you play?
micah: i play wif S and JM and we play princesses and dress up and the marryin game
me: that sounds like fun! did you have fun with your teachers?
micah: mm-hmm
me: micah, do you like Miss L?(each day the answer is different)
micah: no... she not nice, mommy
me: but you like Miss D, right, she's nice.
micah: no, i no like Miss D
me: why not?
micah: she grabs me mommy.
me: (red flag up but trying to filter out the 3-yr-old slant like maybe Miss D wouldn't let her jump out of a window or something) you mean like to hug you? is that how she grabs you?
micah: no, she didn't break my hand, mommy, but it really hurt.

milan and i just stared at each other stunned

me: she grabbed your hand today?
micah: yeah
me: does she grab your hand a lot?
micah: um... sometimes she grabs me, yeah, but she didn't break my hand, mommy, she just almost break-ded (broke) it

And yes, Miss D is still employed there. She does not, however, have any contact with my kid. I have been promised that Micah will never be in the care of Miss D or Miss L again. This center is really going down the tubes. I'm so happy with her new class though. She has 3 teachers to 15 kids (because there are 12 boys and some are really rambunctious and one of the teachers has a slight learning and physical disability so they brought in a co-assistant who is awesome!) and she spends time on the computer, is writing her letters and numbers, traces well, cuts well... She's completely different.

In the last 2 weeks or so, however, Micah has been pissing herself constantly. We've tried everything. Everything. I put up a potty chart and for the first week she had 1 dry day. On Saturday, her behavior was so rotten that we had had it and packed up all her toys (pretty much). Now, before your heart breaks, would you like to hear Micah's reaction? She helped Milan pack them away. Then, when the babysitter came over she said, Miss J, I can't play with any toys because I pee in my pants. Then, she had an accident before we could get out the door and 2 before the babysitter gave up and changed her into a pull-up and pajamas.

Then suddenly Monday morning she woke up saying, I am going to be dry today! And she's been dry ever since! (Yes, I know it's only Friday, but come on!!!) And she has also had the best attitude. I don't think I've heard this child whine or cry since Sunday. She's helpful and has been answering yes to our requests rather than no.

I don't know how long this is going to last but I am overjoyed by it and living up every single minute of pure parenting bliss! This doesn't happen often that you feel so good as a parent!

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