Sunday, January 30, 2005

how do i love thee? let me count the ways.

"i love you, micah. i love you oceans and oceans. i love you to the stars and back again."

*giggling* "i lub you, tew, mommy."

"how much do you love me?"

"i lub you cuz last time you didn't do da seatbelt an i tole you and you gabe me cannie cane, right, mommy?"

she's referring, of course, to a few weeks ago when she was sick and we stopped off at the mall and then, because the snow was covering the lines, an entire third row of cars parked where i had parked completely trapping in those of us in the middle row. (that's another story) --- anyway, i had just put her in the car when a woman showed up to move her car from the third row and in my haste to pull out (after a 96 point turn), i forgot to buckle her car seat.

just as we were pulling out of the parking lot, micah starts flipping out
"mommy, mommy -- do dis, do dis."
"i can't look at you right now, micah, i'm driving."
"mom-my look at dis right now!!!!!"
so, i turn around to see her pointing to the buckle dangling beside her. i pulled over and fixed it and told her that i was so proud of her and what a big girl she was and also rewarded her with a piece of candy cane.

hey - i guess any reason to be loved is good enough for me! :)

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