Tuesday, February 01, 2005

my little angel

proof my child is actually an angel! :) (excuse the poor quality - i had to scan it in)

last night, when i picked up micah, sarah's mom was also picking her up. so, of course, we had to go through the battle of getting them apart. sarah's mom was nice enough to bring fruit snacks for both sarah and micah. she said quietly to me as she handed a pack to her daughter, "can micah have these?" and i nodded yes.

so, she hands the pack of nemo fruit snacks to micah and micah turns them around to look at the back of the little bag. then with her index finger, she traces the lines of words saying, "hmmm... can i have this mommy?" and then seconds later (as i'm cracking up) "yeah, i can have this. okay, mommy?"

don't try to fool my daughter into eating something laced with dairy - she knows what's up!

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