Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We moved into a new house the last weekend of August. That Monday, Micah moved into a new classroom at school. Two weeks later, both of her teachers quit. Then, she got a substitute lead teacher and a new assistant teacher. Within 3 days the assistant teacher quit. Then, the substitute trained a new lead teacher. Then, last week, the new lead teacher took over with yet another new assistant. Yesterday, the new assistant teacher quit (her last day is Friday) and the old assistant is coming back next Tuesday. This makes 7 teacher changes in one month. Compound that with the new house and 2 children in her classroom with high needs and Micah is a wreck. Suddenly, my kid is the one misbehaving, not listening and challenging authority.

The director thinks (and I agree) that Micah doesn't respect the new lead teacher because she is not authoritative enough, not strong enough. Frankly, Micah just steamrolls right over her. She also says that she thinks Micah is bored with the curriculum. With this I also agree, however, right now there really isn't any curriculum going on in that classroom. It's just constant chaos. There's no structure, no time set aside for learning and stations. There are just 2 "circle times" thrown into a day of free time.

The director is considering moving Micah up to the preschool room. The kids are between 6 months to a year older than Micah and only 1 child's name is familiar to me. I'm not sure what to do. The preschool teacher is very structured and I think she would be a good match for Micah because she wouldn't put up with her crap nor favor her for being cute or something.

Last night, we took Micah to the pediatrician because she's developed a facial tic. She's sporatically blinking her eyes. (No other children in her class do this so she didn't pick it up anywhere.) The Dr. told me she'd never seen a tic on a child under 5 before and that it could be a sign of strep throat instead. I can't believe I'm actually HOPING my kid as strep. She also said that if it is a tic, that they usually only last up to three months but that I should bring her in if she's still has it in 4 weeks.

The stress I'm feeling is eating me away from the inside out. I can't help but blame myself for a lot of what Micah is going through.

**UPDATE** Micah has strep throat! YEAH! This means that most likely the tic is from the strep and not the stress! YEAH! Everyone pop in your favorite dance song and let's boogie!!

recipe for braips

1 toddler
1 long-sleeved shirt
1 big fat toddler belly
1 toddler belly button (an outie preferably)
1 night time ritual of running around naked while changing into pajamas

First, toddler pulls her arms out of the sleeves. Next, the shirt is pulled over the head. Be sure to stop just above the hairline so that the neck of the shirt creates a crown on the toddler's head. The toddler can now adjust the sleeves so that each one sleeve swoops each shoulder. Then, the toddler removes her pants and underwear.

Finally, she is free to run around the house naked! Be sure to bezerp the belly button after each lap!

Fun for all!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

tech geek

today, we (finally) got our internet, cable and phone hooked up. we've gone over a month without them and i was so desperate that i was ready to sleep with the guy down the street just for 5 minutes access to his wi-fi.

it's amazing how much you miss these 3 little necessities once they're gone. for example, milan and i wanted to see a movie at the last minute last night. but how do you check movie listings without fandango? we were stumped. finally, milan, in a moment of sheer brilliance mentioned a creation called a "newspaper" (i think that's how you pronounce it) that has all sorts of news and stories and local information.

crazy. what is the world coming to, i ask you.

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