Sunday, November 28, 2004

home for the holidays

here we are in the good ole south! you forget just how friendly everyone is. man, do i hate long island!! it actually annoys milan that people are so nice. when we were in virginia last year, he was constantly complaining that everyone in my cousin's neighborhood kept waving at us! oh, the horror!! :)

personally, i guess because i was raised here while he was raised in queens, i love it. sales associates actually mean it when they tell you have a nice day and strangers start up conversations that aren't in the least bit angry!

micah was great on the trip down. she had a lot of fun on the two flights and only one 10 minute temper tantrum at bwi because she hadn't napped yet and she wanted to get out of the stroller. but it was short and she was exhausted.

just two more days and then we're off again! yeah, going back to work and school and the daily hub-bub!! can't wait!! *read can't we just stay one more week??!!*

micah just said good-bye to unca-dan, auntie-liz & wroxee and aunt ka-tee, ty-er and dog. she actually got used to roxy and somewhat enjoyed her! now, she's changing pooh bear's diaper because apparently he has stinky poopies but didn't tell her!! silly pooh! oh, and stinky isabel has them too...

grammy and grampy bought her a tent to sleep in and she just LOVES it. (photos to come) i guess that's it for now! hope everyone had a happy turkey day! :)

Friday, November 19, 2004

ooh, just look at us now!!

OOh, look! A facelift! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

views of micah's room

i took some photos of micah's room. i love the canopy and bedspread!
this is her reading. (who knew Once Upon A Potty could be so exciting...)

hi mommy

micah's bed and canopy

micah's changing station.

micah's lamp

Monday, November 15, 2004


Okay - so I know it's been awhile, but here's a Halloween photo. Someone from work took it and brought it in to me today.

There are only 2 other little girls in Micah's class and both went as Princesses. So, if you asked Micah, she insisted she wasn't a kitty-cat, she was a "pin-sess".

I took her trick-or-treating around the office, but afterwards it upset her that she couldn't have any of the candy (because of her allergies) so I decided not to take her around on Halloween.

fyi - it cheered her up to have cucumber instead of candy... go figure.

(PS - Mom - is it just me - or do her cute little legs remind you of Katie?) :)

Friday, November 12, 2004

micah at school

Kids are always different depending on their environment. They know behavior modifies depending on where they are and who they're with.

For Micah, daycare, although at least as laden with rules as home, is a chance to be spoiled. Yes, she has to be good to her friends and share the toys. No, she can't throw her food on the floor (or herself in a tantrum fit) and not expect a consequence. Yes, she has to clear her plate and take a nap. BUT she is definitely spoiled! (and I say that in a positive way because every child should have someone who spoils him/her)

Micah - has Robin. Her favorite teacher at daycare who absolutely spoils her rotten! She holds her constantly. She takes her on errands around the daycare so that now even the older, after-school-care kids know my daughter well! And Micah knows, that with Robin, she can get away with almost anything and have anything she wants. For this reason, as well as the fact that there are many people there she loves and little Miss Social Butterfly would almost always rather be with her friends than her mommy, I think Micah just loves being at school.

She's so close with Robin that I actually tease them both about it. When Micah won't kiss me good-bye in the morning but she's smothering Robin with kisses I'll say, "No, I'm your Mommy!! Kiss me!!" The other day when I went to pick her up, she wasn't in her room. The other kids said, "It's Micah's Mommy!" Then, "Micah no here. Her with Robin."

I searched for 15 minutes before finally getting on the loudspeaker and saying, "She's my, kid, Robin, please give her back to me now!" :) :)

So, anyway, none of this is actually why I'm blogging... Her lead teacher and I had a parent/teacher conference this week. (They're so great at this age because nothing's ever wrong with your kid! It's not like she'd be skipping school to smoke pot or anything...) And her teacher told me a couple of cute "micah stories".

One was that she was holding a dark-skinned baby and her little friend, J, was holding a light-skinned baby. J says to Micah, "My baby is white. What color is your baby?" Micah considered this for a moment and when she didn't answer J asks, "Brown?" and Micah says, "No, black."
So cute. So innocent. (FYI - Micah mixes up blue and green all the time...)

Another was that this hoarse voice I've mentioned before that gets her so much attention, has really become a favorite of hers. And apparently, she'll go around the room saying each child's name in this hoarse, deep voice. According to her teacher, the other kids just crack up over it and beg her to say their names! :)

So, from what I see and hear, she's a pretty popular kid. Which at this age, to me, means that she treats her friends well. I'm very proud of that. :)

Saturday, November 06, 2004

her own language

"I love you, Micah."
"i lub u, tew, mahmee."

"Okay, lay down and go night-night."
"cover me, mahmee. i want duckies bankin." (blanket)

"Micah, what do want to drink?"
"i wan sow milk, teese, mahmee."

"Micah, can you please hand me that?"
"okay, mahmee."
"Thank you."

"You want something to eat?"
"yes, teese, ray-rays." (raisins)
"Okay, here you go."
"dat's a little bit?"
"dat's not a big one, mahmee, dat's a little bit."

"All finished with your bath, Micah?"
"yeah, i wan my tah-dow." (towel)

"mahmee, i wanna watch cd."
"You want to watch a dvd?"
"yeah, a dbd."

And every single thing she says ends with okay Mommy or okay Maan or right Mommy or right Maan? And since lately she's been getting up out of bed at 5:30 in the morning and coming in to get us or at least screaming at us to come ("i wanna get up! hum (come) get me, mahmee-maan! (as though it's one word) hum get me!"). So, every night when she's goes to sleep we talk about it and she says, "mahmee-maan hummin. i no cryin, ceem (scream) an no yell." (okay, mommy?)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

my favorite photo

Her teachers asked for some baby pictures for a project they're doing. (which always means the pictures you give them won't come back) Anyway, in my searching, I came across this one. One of my all-time favorites. The face is actually an "I have gas" face. Hee-Hee! Won't Micah just love that little tidbit as she gets older?! :)

she's about 2 weeks old in this. :) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Amazing, Fearless Baby Micah - Tickets are $20 - Please Reserve Your Seats In Advance

Crib. Bed. Crib. Bed. ... Which is it going to be?

Since Birth (almost) = Crib
Oct 1st - 16th = Bed
Oct 17th - Nov 1st = Crib
Now, Nov 2nd = Bed

Why all the changing things around you might ask?

Well, beginning Sunday when we tried to make her take a nap, Micah has begun climbing out of her crib. Now, my concern when we first put her back in a crib was just that. Except, I assumed if she figured out she could climb out, she would go over the side next to her bed and land on the matress.

But no. My daredevil of a baby (hmmm... now where could she possibly get that from??) climbs out of the side opposite the bed and lands on the floor with a CRASH and an OUT-CRY! So that, obviously, we go SPRINTING down the hall, SWING open her door and TA-DAH, there she is, no bumps or bruises standing there screaming while she waits for us.

This morning, it was 5:44am.

Aren't you jealous?

Oh, and PS -- Uncle Rob is coming to visit for Thanksgiving!! YEAH!! :)

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