Tuesday, December 28, 2004

opening presents

this is the gift milan got her.
we thought she'd be soooo excited to open this humongous gift,

but she was actually much more excited about this.

go figure. with the big gift she was more into getting each little bit of paper off of it then with what it was. it's a playhouse, btw, although i'm not even sure she knows that yet.

as for the leapfrog toy - she won't put it down! not can't - won't! hissy fits if i even suggest such a thing! she loves it! she sings along with the songs - so far she says "como la luna" and "hola" and "adios". very cute.

more presents

we don't have one photo of her looking up from opening her gifts. she really had fun ripping them opening and telling us what was inside and then asking what's next. luckily, though, there were no tears when she realized she was finished. today is milan's birthday, though, 32 - the old man!! ha ha ha - and she's getting confused as to why only he gets to open presents!! :)

this was yet another "soft blanket" (her words) that i got her. she loves them.

her other favorite gift was the "princess shoes" milan got her. little frilly dress up shoes that she slips on the floor in and is constantly falling down!! :) will post them soon!

hope everyone had a merry christmas!
happy new year to all!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

holiday party at work

went over quite well. there were 2 decorated trees, some elves, face painting, lots of food and of course, santa claus. (john - who does our mail)

here's micah on santa's lap (only took 3 visits to get her to sit with him!)

kissing gingerbread girl

hello christmas cards!!

finally!! a shot I can use for christmas cards!

although... i think i like this one even more! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

trimming the tree

i should start by mentioning that we bought our tree at home depot. it was great! they trim it for you and cut the bottom so it's nice and flat and eager to drink. then they wrap it in this plastic netting and throw it on your car. and it only cost us 25 bucks. (+ tip, of course)

what a deal!

we then had it up for 2 weeks before we actually got around to decorating it! but finally we did and we even bought these tiny little wooden ornaments (that remind milan and i both of what our parents had when we were kids) for micah to hang. (we also bought ornaments from ikea that turned out to be plastic, so she helped with those too.)

anyway, *warning - actual point of story coming right now so be prepared* there are now 8 silver balls and about 35 various wooden guys on the bottom three limbs of the tree. nearly all of the balls are on one side and about 20 of the wooden ones are on the same branch.

too cute!

she's also been doing that kid thing where you say to her, "now, micah, don't touch the tree. it's fragile." and so she just glides against it every single time she walks by with any number of body parts other than her hands...

Friday, December 17, 2004

enter stage left, duckie the platypus

my sister gave my daughter a duckbilled platypus. i think it was just a non-holiday gift she presented when we visited in september of '03 and the whole family stayed on the beach in wilmington, so technically, micah's had it about a year.

it's large, though. micah's two and a half and when she puts it's head on her shoulder, his bottom comes all the way down to her knees. so, i'd never before given it to her. she's a huge fan of babies and has never really been interested in stuffed animals for more than a minute or two of play.

well, now we're back to having problems putting her to bed. i think it started because last weekend, we went out and when we got home the babysitter was describing what it was like to put micah down and she mentioned rubbing her back so now micah expects us to rub her back every night. now, i fully get that she's only going to be this age for a split second of my life and that sooner rather than later she'll want me to have as little part of her life as possible compared to know when so often, i'm her whole life. so, yes, i definitely enjoy things like rubbing her back.

BUT there's always that fear of creating a new routine in the back of my mind and i am NOT rubbing her back EVERY NIGHT. not gonna happen.

so, she's begging me to do everything under her sun, i tell her i'll rub her back for 2 minutes, rub it for 5 and then go to leave. "mommy, i wan somethin else..." ah, yes, the good 'ole vague - please don't leave me routine. (i'm half heartbroken, half annoyed out of my mind.) she only has 12 babies, a moose, 3 babies' blankets, 2 of her own blankets, 2 pillows and a partridge in a pear tree in there with her for cripes sake!! so, i look over and see platypus.

hooray!!! something new!! if nothing else, it will at least distract her long enough that i can get out the door!

"here micah, you want your duckbilled platypus?"


and since then she's called it, duckie the platypus. now yes, that's only 4 whole days now, but it's her new - won't separate from it - thing.

this whole post is related to the last post at this point - aren't you brimming over with excitement? --- boy was she upset when i wouldn't let her have it after she puked on it yesterday! but we took him home and threw him in the washer and he's good as new.

i guess i'm taking her to school now because she finished her breakfast a half hour ago and it hasn't come back up yet.

no warning signs...

mommy, i don't feel so good...

yesterday morning, just before we were walking out the door, micah says to me, "my belly hurts, mommy. i need to go see dockta neederah." surprised, she's remembers the last time she went to the dr. almost 2 months ago, i dismiss it. "okay, micah, ready to go to school?"
"yeah, i wanna go see miss robin."

and off to school we go.

get inside, i take off her coat. she's holding the platypus that she won't let go of. (that'll have to be a separate entry...) i'm putting things away while talking to her teacher when i hear a parent say, "uh-oh, did someone spit up?" (now these next 10 seconds feel like a full minute)

i look down - ever so tiny amount of spit-up on the floor - i look towards the nearest set of baby feet and follow up to the face - it's micah - at which time other parent says, "was it micah??" - i notice trace amount of spit up in the corner of her mouth.

squat down next to her, "you alright, baby?" - at which moment she calmly opens her mouth and a river of puke comes pouring out - it just kept coming and she's just standing there the whole time not moving, not crying, just totally calm with her mouth wide open.

realizing i've been puked on, i jump up and get paper towels to clean her and myself while one teacher moves the other kids over to breakfast so they don't touch or walk in anything and the other one is cleaning the floor.

"yeah," teacher cleaning the floor says, "they've all been going through this stomach virus."


"they all throw up and/or have diarrhea. it only lasts a day or two."

aarh! so frustrating. daycare - the illness breeder. although, i must say, i get sick more often than micah! at least her immune system rocks now!! haha!!

Monday, December 06, 2004

baby's first christmas

Yes, the *baby* is two and a half years old and yes, this is technically her *third* Christmas, but this is the first year she actually understands what's going on!! How fun!! Apparently, she wants *Santa Caus* to bring her toys, and Milan and I want toys, too.

Aunt Favorite jokingly asked for hair, and according to Micah, it should be one big blue hair!! :)

She's so excited about Santa! We were driving around Sunday night and she was freaking out over the lights and the santas and snowmen and, of course, the pooh's!! When we were in Target she kept poining out everything with Santa and when I opened the fridge this morning to get her some soy milk - she pointed at the Coke bottle - "Look Mommy!! It's Sannnta!!"


I never would have realized that Christmas as a parent will be even better than Christmas as a kid! :)

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