Friday, July 21, 2006

Shush, I just got my period - what do you expect?

okay, this post was already deleted twice - let's try this again.

I've been meaning to post a birthday letter to Micah. Who turned four. A month ago.


Anyway, for now, I will post some recent babyisms, although, according to my "baby", I should now be calling them "big-girlisms".

We have a routine during the car ride home where I ask Micah what her favorite and not so favorite parts of the day were.

Yesterday, her favorite part was telling Miss L that she looked beautiful.

Monday, her favorite part was eating chicken nuggets and her not so favorite part was when friend S tattled on friend K. Micah said, "We don tell on a'chothers, right Mommy? 'Cuz dat's not nice."

My 3 co-workers got her some birthday presents and when she asked who they were from, I answered, "Olga (my boss - who Micah absolutely LOVES), Phyllis and Adrianna." She said, "Oh, Olca, Phyllee and Advianna? Oh, Mommy, Advianna's name is so beautiful!!"

Four is an incredible age for Micah. Her attitude grows by the minute. I don't know whether to laugh or scream when she plants her fists on her hips, juts out her chin, and says, "Don't you dare say no to me!"

And at the same time, her compassion grows with equal speed. So far, we have found a dead bird, a dead rabbit and a baby bird's nest which fell to the ground killing the 3 baby birds inside. We also found a (barely) alive baby bunny who we returned to the line of the woods behind the house. These incidents genuinely upset her and it makes my heart melt.

This past weekend, as we pulled up to my Aunt's house (who lives next door to my cousin who passed away) Micah said, "Oh, the blue house is Grammy's, right Mommy. The yellow one used to be Aunt Favorite's house but now she's in God." From the mouths of babes...

She managed to go from wearing a life vest to swimming without anything in one afternoon. She was jumping in from the edge of the pool with a running start; her fear wafting in the air behind her.

I learn more from her in a single day than I have in the last decade.

She may still pee on the floor out of anger and eat with her hands, but my baby is becoming a little girl. My eagerness to continue her journey into girlhood, teenagedom and eventually adulthood spills into tears as I watch her maturity leap.

I love you, Peanuthead.

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