Monday, January 31, 2005

yes, another photo of little lu-lu

well, for some reason hello hates me right now and won't let me post the other photo. bastard.
what? the service is free and i shouldn't complain? whatever. bastards.

anyway - this is micah climbing through the little tunnel mat at gymnastics.

edited February 1, 2005
and here she is flipping in the belt on the trampoline.
(this is the photo i couldn't post yesterday)

man, she loves that place! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

how do i love thee? let me count the ways.

"i love you, micah. i love you oceans and oceans. i love you to the stars and back again."

*giggling* "i lub you, tew, mommy."

"how much do you love me?"

"i lub you cuz last time you didn't do da seatbelt an i tole you and you gabe me cannie cane, right, mommy?"

she's referring, of course, to a few weeks ago when she was sick and we stopped off at the mall and then, because the snow was covering the lines, an entire third row of cars parked where i had parked completely trapping in those of us in the middle row. (that's another story) --- anyway, i had just put her in the car when a woman showed up to move her car from the third row and in my haste to pull out (after a 96 point turn), i forgot to buckle her car seat.

just as we were pulling out of the parking lot, micah starts flipping out
"mommy, mommy -- do dis, do dis."
"i can't look at you right now, micah, i'm driving."
"mom-my look at dis right now!!!!!"
so, i turn around to see her pointing to the buckle dangling beside her. i pulled over and fixed it and told her that i was so proud of her and what a big girl she was and also rewarded her with a piece of candy cane.

hey - i guess any reason to be loved is good enough for me! :)

saturday recap

my childhood friend, lisa, and her husband, t.d., came to visit a couple of saturday's ago. they joined micah and i at "nastics" and then we went to ciao baby (the best eating experience one could ever hope for) for dinner.

Friday, January 28, 2005

photo friday

this is my choice for photo friday. unfortunately, i'm at work (shhh...) so i only have access to a few photos. the subject is youth and i chose this one beacuse of all the accessories she has that, to me, are so evident of the young. for example, the sunglasses, the expression, the band-aid (which is on for appeasement purposes only) and the fact that although it's her birthday and everyone else is eating cake, she's eating macaroni salad! :)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

pesky little milk allergy

we have blood test results!!!!

(drum roll please...)

micah's milk allergy has gone down from a 5 to a 2!! YEAH!!

what does this mean to you and i? not that much, technically, because even though she's less allergic, we're not changing her diet at all. BUT we are much more hopeful that she'll grow out of it by age 5!! (studies show that if a child doesn't grow out of the allergy by this age - most are stuck with it their entire lives.)

also, i'm not so concerned about the epi pen now.

ahh... relief... a whole big boulder of worry just fell right off my shoulders!! :)


"mommy, can i have soh (soy) milk peeze?"


"what's that, mommy?"


"can i have pee-sah?"

"no angel, you're allergic. it has cheese."

"oh... i no have cheeze, mommy, car-car (her friend carter) have cheeze. okay, mommy?"

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

micah - you so funny

**disclaimer - all spelling errors are when micah is speaking and are intentional**


1. upon walking into her room at daycare to pick her up:

"hi, micah!!! :) :) :) :) :)"


*kneel down beside her and hug her* "hi, baby!! :) :) :) :)"

"uh" ... " i wanna see your booty, mommy."

"okay, it's right here..." *i pick her up by her ankles and toss her over my shoulder so she can see my booty and then flip her right back up again*

*showing me her hand; out flat, palm up* "i got you booty, mommy"

"you do?!?!"

*i pretend to eat it sound effects and all*

*very serious* "don't eat it, mommy, it goes right he-ur (here) on you bah-dee (body)." *points to her booty*


2. *we arrive home to find milan fixing dinner and take off hat, coat, etc...*

"mommy, i went pee-pees in miss robin potty (her teacher) so i get 2 dora cookies, right??!!" (if you don't already know - teddy grahams now makes a version in the shape of dora, boots, tico and swiper ("oh man") - huge hit and dairy free!)



"micah, i said, okay, you can have them."


"micah, you hurt mommy's feelings when you yelled at me. what should you say to mommy?"

"where you feelings, mommy?" *looks me up and down*

"inside me" *i put my hand on my chest*

"in dare?" *points to my belly*

"yes, they're in my heart. do you know where your heart is?"

"right he-ur?" and i'm sure you already know the punch line --- she points to her butt!!

(eventually she felt her heartbeat with her hand and listened to mine and then remembered about the 2 dora cookies.)

Monday, January 24, 2005

henry update

so, we tried graphite. didn't do anything.
and today it's so cold, that it won't start.


***** update to the update****

he started!!! and i can get in (through one door or the other)!!
and i only have to hit the right headlight twice to get it to come on!

blizzard '05

they're calling it blizzard '05 and making a really big deal out of it on the news, but we live in suburbia new york, so really, 24" is nothing. the roads were cleared within 24 hours and today, other than some schools being closed, everything is back to normal.

this weekend, micah began watching tv. as in actually watching and not jumping up every 10 seconds and asking for an "other cd" which in micah terms means a different dvd.

she is officially a couch potato.

hee -hee!! look at that baby gut!! :)

so, while micah was vegging and i was capturing it on digital "film" for all of you to bear witness, my knight in shining parka was freeing us from the hell that is cabin fever.

i wish this photo captured just how deep it was. he was out there for about 2 and 1/2 hours all together. he shoveled early which was smart b/c it was freezing up again by around 3:30pm.

Friday, January 21, 2005

zombies, oh my

we bought shaun of the dead recently and add that to dawn of the dead (new and old) and 28 days later, etc... and i'd say we really enjoy these zombie films! :)

time to go home

each evening, micah and her friend, sarah, refuse to part. it's a little annoying but her mommy and i joke about it and let them think they're still playing while we creatively find ways to get on coats and hats and make our way into our respective cars.

snapped this with my phone. in case you're wondering, the red on micah's nose is marker and the red on her cheeks is what happens everytime she even thinks of going outdoors in weather 45 degrees or below. i mean, after all, what other child is allergic to baby soap and has to use cetaphil?

i always slather her cheeks, nose, lips and chin in aquaphor (the vaseline of the gods) and it definitely helps. (i've also always used it on her little booty to prevent pesky diaper rash.)

oooh... bad, bad little tangent.

anyway, i was speaking with this other little girl's mommy last night when we both mentioned how when the guys pick up; the girls don't behave this way. hmmm... are we being taken advantage of here by these little 2 and a half year olds?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

tsunami donations

thanks to the link from so anyway, i just donated here. i am a big fan of oprah and her angel's network. she does so much here in america as well as in africa. anyway, it's a place to donate that's not the red cross.

Monday, January 17, 2005

a quickie

*leaving the bathroom, i turn back to see micah rubbing vigorously at one eye*

"micah, what's wrong?"

"my eye itchin"

"you have sleep in your eye. it's dirty. do you want me to help you clean it? hold on and i'll get you a washcloth."

no, she doesn't want a washcloth, because at this moment she gets the sleep out of her eye and is staring at it on the tip of her finger.

"micah, grab some toilet paper to wipe it on."

*child still stares transfixed at finger*

"here..." as i take one step forward.

too late. she put it in her mouth!!

all i could say was EWWWWWWWWWW!!

and so, of course, she grinned from ear to ear.

if only i was as good as Beth over at Crazy Us, I could've had my camera ready...

maybe someday...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

my gifted car

yes, this is micah's blog but today i'm going to talk about me.

it's okay, she loves me, she'll forgive me.

my car, henry.

henry turns 11 this year. but, he is no ordinary 11-yr-old car. no, no, henry is gifted. so beyond his years is he; only 11 and yet as feisty and temperamental as a teenager. he's been hassling me since the first day i drove him 2 years ago. at that time, his starter was secretly broken but he masked it so well that everyone who witnessed a faulty start swore i just wasn't used to the clutch. i didn't mind being blamed. henry and i just haven't gotten into our groove yet, i would quip. then, a week later, the old vw jetta he was replacing was stolen. (that's another story) and i know now that it was henry's doing. jealous bastard.

after i fixed the starter, i noticed the doorlocks didn't always work properly. you see henry's nice enough that if you unlock the driver's door, all the other doors open too. but when that's the lock that's broken, it causes problems with all of the other doors as well. but no matter who i took henry in to see, they swore a little engine oil on the key would fix that problem right up. and it did. but only for a month or so at a time. the next thing to go was the battery. then, just the usual stuff, brakes and tune-ups, etc...

then, i was backed into. then, the window wouldn't roll back up. then, the steering column broke. then, i replaced all 4 tires. and now, the seatbelts in the front aren't taught anymore. they lay loosely over our chests.

and then, this week, the mother of all problems, the doorlock ,that according to the experts isn't actually broken, broke. (let me mention here that in 2 years, i've broken 5 keys in this lock because it's so hard to turn.) one of four things now happens when you try to unlock henry's driver's door:
1. the three other doors unlock but not the driver's door.
2. the three other doors unlock but when the key slides back into the upright position so that you can pull it out of the lock, they all re-lock.
3. nothing happens what-so-ever
4. your key breaks off in the lock.

so, you see, this is no ordinary car.

i can't even begin to tell you how much i'm enjoying this!

Monday, January 10, 2005


here's how I'm a gweeb. (this week)

1. apparently we've been watching farscape way too much because now whenever we pull out a dvd, micah yells, "yeah, fah-cake!!"

she loves that show - i think it's because of all the aliens and cool costumes. she calls scorpius "the monkey" and rygel "the froggy"

2. i actually republish my posts to fix any grammatical or spelling errors... that's gotta take the cake! :)

hahahahahaha - can't.breathe. - laughing.too.hard - hahahahahaha


from micah's point of view

"mommy, can i peese use your cam'ra?"


"look, mommy, is mahn!!"

taking photos of micah

stage 1 - the serious face

"micah, smile for mommy. i want to take your picture."

*child stares blankly at her mother while 3 pictures are snapped just in case*

"micah, say cheese!"


*removes camera from eye in order to plead with child* "pleeeease, micah"

*thinks - ooh! she's not holding it up anymore!!* "cheeeeeeeeeeeese"


stage 2 - the beautiful smile.

also known as - the most uncommon millisecond in our household! :)

stage 3 - the over done "cheese" smile

if micah smiles, this is usually what you get. i try to wait till this is fading to snap and sometimes i'll get a cute smile where you can actually see that she has eyes!!

and, of course, to go from stage 1 to 3 takes all of 5 seconds! :)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

potty mouth

While watching King Arthur during the part where Tristan, one of the Knights, shoots an arrow what must be 500 yards, over a fence and into a tree killing the little traitor who sold out his fellow countrymen and then hid into said tree to watch, my reaction was, "That was fucking awesome!" and so, Micah repeated, "That was fucking awesome!" and all I could was laugh in hysterics!! She repeated it, perfectly, four or five more times until she couldn't remember how to form the word "fucking" and it turned into "so awesome"...

Ahh... parenthood... I really have to watch my fucking mouth already!

PS Do not bother with this film.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

cause and effect

being that she's now 2 and a half - micah does have some level of understanding of cause and effect. for example, she knows that if she goes potty, she gets a sticker and if she has soap on the bottom of her feet in the shower, she'll slip and most likely fall.

but, she just can't master the meaning behind the question "why?". whenever you ask her why - her response is "cuz right now...". every. time.

"i sorry, mommy." "why?" "cuz right now" *aargh* "what did you do that you're apologizing for?" "i sorry i yell an ceem (scream) at you , mommy. "

now, you would think that since she understands why she is sorry that she would understand the word "why"... this is very frustrating to me... although, i'm not really sure why...

"cuz right now..."

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

never say never, whatever you do...

remember that song from "an american tale"?

anyway, micah has learned always and never and being that she is a girl and thus has a *clear throat here* "flare" for the dramatic - she is now constantly using them.

"mommy, i always go to sleep, right?" she says to me when she climbs in my bed this morning.

"i never get to see baby boy, mommy. i wan him right now."

first thing in the morning not only before breakfast, but before she's even dressed: "can i have lick-a-ist (licorice)?" "no." *whine* "but mommy, i never gets to have lick-a-ist!"

"the friends (what she calls her classmates at daycare) always play nice, right mommy? just like gordon a thomas."(she chooses to use "a" pronounced "uh" instead of "to" at all times - go figure - one solitary spanish word has slipped into her speech.) this refers to thomas the tank engine - apparently in one episode gordon (a different part of the train and thomas' friend) was nice to thomas and it's her new basis for comparison.

"the friends never liss-en-in (listening) to miss robin today, mommy."

a brand new year

hello to all - hope everyone had a great new year's celebration.
we hung out at aunt favorite's house. micah had a great time playing with her cousins, kayla and lauren, and is still asking for them. it's so nice for her to see them since it's so rare. she and lauren (who is exactly 1 year older) really had a great time playing together. :)

as soon as i get the photos, i will post some.

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