Wednesday, July 27, 2005

pee pee in the pottay!

well, she's in underwear. she has been for over 10 days now! i'm so proud of her. she usually has an accident a day. mostly when she poops but sometimes during or just after nap. she's still wearing a diaper to bed.

the other day, i was using the potty, and she came over, took her necklace off, put it around my neck and said, "i'm so proud a you, mommy. you go pee-pees in da potty! YEAH!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


just now as i'm putting micah to bed, i said "i'm so proud of you, micah." (because of the potty training - she was dry ALL DAY!!) then i asked, "are you so proud of you, too?" and she said, and i quote "act-chewy (actually) mommy, i'm so proud a you."

damn this kid is awesome!

potty update

yesterday, we spent 2 and a half hours at the dentist!!! (that's another story!) and micah was dry the ENTIRE time!! she went potty twice while we were there and when the dentist examined her she smiled and cooperated and everything!

i'm so proud of my little girl!

i told her last week that there's no diapers or pull-ups at the new house (that we're moving into in september) and i really think that's making a difference!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

potty time?

Friday, the 15th, Micah went poopies in the potty ALL BY HERSELF!! I was sitting on the couch and she came running out of the bathroom holding her dress up to tell me!

YEAH!! FINALLY!! She was in underwear Saturday and had only 1 accident. She woke up from her nap dry but then REFUSED to use the bathroom, presumably because she was half-asleep and then peed right there in the stall while i was trying to convince her she has to go anyway. sigh...

Sunday, 1 accident, in Target. Sorry for the puddle! :) And today, in underwear again. We'll see...

I'm so glad she's finally INTERESTED!! She's so proud of herself and has been prancing around telling everyone how she's such a big girl b/c she's wearing dora panties!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

ice is back with a brand new edition

we were on vacation in nc for 10 days - woo hoo!! of course 2 of those we spent driving! yes, driving. we drove 675.53 miles with a 3 year old. fun times, people, fun times.

anyway, my purpose of posting today is this: micah told me she doesn't love me. i knew it would happen one day, the "i hate you!" and slamming of the door, but my god, she's only 3!!

actually, as i was saying goodnight for the 538 millionth time over the course of 2 freakin hours! - she said, "i don lub you, mommy." "okay, baby, i love you." "i juss lub you a liddle bit, mommy." "okay." "mommy?" "yes?" "i lub you a lot, mommy."

it still counts!

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