Wednesday, June 29, 2005

my baby is three!!

i'm still too tired to do this properly... sigh... (failure as a mother #972...)

micah - some things about you are:
1. you have this sweet voice which is sometimes hoarse and scratchy. like angie harmon as a baby.
2. you say "chother" which means each other. for example, "mommy, piggy and platypus has to stay togever cuz they lubes chother. cuz they say bad word to chother. okay, mommy?" you just told me this seconds ago as i watched you arrange your animals so you could sleep.
3. you pile up 700 animals/baby dolls with you in bed to sleep at night. and you notice if one's missing and demand to have it. but then you freak out when we give it to you. and then, seconds later, you freak you because you don't have it. and then, seconds later you freak out. just because.
4. you are very opinionated. you often pick out your own clothes and refuse to wear any of the MATCHING clothes that i have picked out for you. you have likes and dislikes, you refuse to use the potty and you refuse to eat. you demand even more often than you refuse.
5. you are so smart - it's amazing. nothing gets past you. you count to 12 (although often skipping numbers or in the wrong order), you count to 10 in spanish, you can say your abc's. you can count to 5 using your fingers. you recognize the letter M every time and can often point out A and S.
6. you're incredibly strong and athletic. you've always had these strong legs with cut little muscles. right now you love to "flip" (forward roll) "swing" (when you stand between the couch and chair and hold yourself up and swing your legs forward and backward) and hop on one foot.
7. you say "watch me" about 15 billion times a day. after dinner, you run back and forth across the living room while singing.
8. you sing. a lot. usually songs you've made up or you sing words like, "i'm runnin'. runnin', runnin', runnin'... runnin' feet. runnin' feet, runnin' fe-et."
9. you crack me up.
10. i love you more than i ever understood was possible!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


first of all, i mean, happy birthday, big girl! silly mommy! you are 3 today! i'm excited to write you a Happy 3rd Birthday letter but unfortunately i worked all day and then spent the last 2 and a half hours photoshopping and uploading the gazillion digital photos i took of you. (i took a roll a film today, too.) so, i'm sorry but i'm just too tired! i will try to write this SOON!

love, mommy

Sunday, June 19, 2005

how does she remember all this?

"what's your favorite color, micah?"
"green. and yours is bloo and mahn's is black and green. jessa (jessica) like purpul and sarah like pink."

Saturday, June 18, 2005

daddy dilemma

the fact that micah doesn't have a daddy but does have milan is always a bit confusing. especially, i think for everyone else. they feel like they have to walk on eggshells around the daddy issue. in fact, at the latest parent rep meeting at micah's school, one mother, (i think forgetting that i am, in fact, single) said how awkward she felt when her daughter asked about one of her friend's fathers because they never see him. the friend's parents are divorced. so did the mother simply tell the child that her friends parents don't live together but that the child sees her father all the time. he just doesn't come to the daycare? no, she said something like, well, he works a lot. and then is telling all of us at this meeting how she didn't know WHAT to say.

so, i said how it's no secret that micah doesn't have a daddy. we tell micah, we tell her friends, we tell whoever asks. it's not a taboo subject. it is what it is. it's our life and it's nothing to be ashamed of. in fact, when one of micah's friends sees milan and says, micah, micah, your daddy's here, micah tells them that that's not her daddy, it's her milan. she's very proud of the fact that she has a milan.

well, at school they made father's day gifts and just like last year, they made a gift for milan as well. micah couldn't wait until tomorrow to open the gift, so milan agreed to open it this morning. she's showing it to him, saying "that's me and you, mahn. that's my daddy." and pointing to the card saying, "see, i write daddy here and here and there." so i said, micah, milan's not your daddy, he's your milan. right?

and she said, "but mommy, he's apost (supposed) to be my daddy!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


sometimes they get words and expressions ALL wrong - like pasketti instead of spaghetti - isn't that a common one? (and thank god they do, because it's just so cute!)

well micah calls us a "silly ghost" if we're being silly or if we say the wrong thing instead of "silly goose". it's hysterical. i once corrected her and she laughed in hysterics. silly goose?? yeah, right, mommy - that doesn't make any sense!

Saturday, June 11, 2005


micah went to her friend meghan's third birthday party today.

she had a great time swimming, playing and eating! they had hotdogs, macaroni, cucumbers and of course, CANDY!

at one point, they brought out these HUGE lollipops and micah understood what heaven is.

of course, you can't truly enjoy something like this without getting it all over you.

Friday, June 10, 2005

uh, hello??

how come no one warned me that the 3-year-old phase begins the "watch me" phase which as far as i can see doesn't stop until they're 14 or so.

as if she didn't talk enough already, now she wants me to "watch" every damn little thing, too. she hops on one foot, says the "l" words (see post below), smiles and runs in circles, screams, you name it! and all of it is preceded by "watch me, mommy, watch me!"

sometimes i do the tired and true "uh-huh, baby, i'm watching" but really i'm reading or blogging or whatever and she'll say "no, mommy, lift you head and watch me wit you EYES!"

damn kid. when did i say you could get so smart?


micah has never really been able to say "l" in the middle of a word - balloon for example is "boon" and milan is "mahn". well, she's been practicing and practicing and can now say, "bal-loon" and "mil-an" and she flips her little tongue dramatically in her mouth on the "l". i'm so proud of her! i scream with delight (because she loves it so. in fact, if she says either word and i don't freak out in screaming hysterics, she gets upset and says, "no, mommy, you so proud to me? member?" and then repeats the words over and over.


look! micah has pigtails!! click on flickr for more hair-do fun!

(ps - i am so friggin' excited about this!)

Friday, June 03, 2005


milan was sick for about a month and now i've apparantly gotten some of what he had. i took off work on wednesday and then was feeling guilty about it around 12:30 because really i didn't feel THAT bad... or at least not until i stood up, got dizzy, fell down and threw up.

milan is really great when i'm sick, i must say. there's not much that's expected of me. he's fairly sympathetic too, which is something i'm not good at myself.

anyway, about a week ago, we took the gate thing-a-ma-giggy off of micah's bed because she kept kicking it and kicking it and then knocked it over. i'm not sure how it didn't break. so, since she was suppossed to be sleeping we just took it off her bed instead of fixing it. she doesn't need it anyway. we only had it on one side of the bed.

well, last night, she decided to stick it to me and she fell out of bed. i was laying on the couch (milan was at practice) when i heard BANG! THUMP. (pause) (pause) WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!
of course, i was already tearing through the house by the time she starting crying. the bang was her head hitting the nightstand and the thump was her crumpled body hitting the floor.

suffice it to say, we put the damn bedrail back on.

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